Custom Rifles







• The .358 Hoosier, a center fire cartridge that will be legal in rifles for deer hunting in 2012

This cartridge has been extensively tested with a variety of bullets and powders. Following are some of the desirable points that may be considered by a hunter wanting a new rifle, whether it is a custom-built bolt action (basic economy model up to a fancy expensive one) or just an extra barrel for his or her TC Encore:

• 2650 ft/sec with 180 grain bullets; 2525 ft/sec with 200 grain bullets
• Ballistics (velocity, energy, and trajectory) much superior to the .35 Remington
• Ballistics approx. equal to factory .358 Winchester and slightly less than the currently legal .358 WSSM wildcat
• Cases easily made from economical and readily available .358 Winchester brass
• Cases made from .358 Winchester brass do not need neck turning or annealing
• Can be used in actions of economical, standard short-action bolt rifles originally chambered for the .308 Winchester family of cartridges (e.g., .308 Win, .243 Win, 7mm-08, .22-250 Rem)
• Can be used in actions of single shots and semiautomatics originally chambered for the .308 Winchester family of cartridges
• No need for bolt face or extractor modifications
• No need for magazine or side rail modifications, or spacers for proper feeding

This is not a wildcat boasting the highest possible velocity with the 1.800 maximum case length. However, it is a very practical wildcat. It offers economical basic rifle and brass costs, easily formed and loaded brass, and all the bullet velocity, energy, and accuracy needed to cleanly take deer (and other big game) up to the maximum distance at which probably 99 percent of the hunters can accurately place a bullet under field conditions.

At the present time please contact us (email (765) 825-3418) for more information on various options, prices, etc.